The Grass Ain’t Always Greener on the Other Side!

Have you ever had something but believed you could do better?  Of course!

That job, romantic relationship, car, house, or service contract you had could surely use an upgrade. So what do you do?  Do you fire your employer, find a new boo, get another ride, seek a new residence, locate a new contractor, or what?


But be careful. Sometimes your new position, significant other, whip, house, or service provider could be just what you don’t deserve.  That grass may be artificial turf.  It looks good, but ain’t the real thing.

Before you seek an upgrade, be sure to thoroughly do your homework.  I should have stuck with my original designer.

Life is a lesson, and I surely learned a lot, namely, that I am such a forgiving patient person.

Just because the price may be right and better, you may end up paying a higher water bill.  Know before you go.  The grass ain’t always greener on the other side.


2 January 2019